I began solving my problems the day I stopped taking myself so seriously. I was a grayface and I was constantly obsessively trying to classify, categorize, and reference the world that I lived in. In a universe of infinite possibilities, I was attempting to eliminate every random act of unpredictability. I did a good job too, until I realized that for every rule, there was an exception. And for every exception there was no rule. Right and wrong are not black and white but a palette of gray shades. And so I had to step outside my own little viewpoint, open my eyes and see the unseen forces of the random. I learned to accept sometimes nonsense may be truth and beauty is almost always lies. And between the doors of the consciousness and subconsciousness are the windows of the sublime.

I guess I left my keys on the nightstand. So, I pushed at the glass and there I was, entering reality from a different perspective. There I stood in my living room, mud on the carpet from my shoes, moralizing about the useless locks on the doors. I smiled because it was good to be out of the rain. I realized that nowhere except within myself could I find an answer to the great question.

I looked in friends and I looked in books. And that’s a shame, since I found nothing, despite
reading everything,
down to the
very last